With the A-Class and MBUX (hangxe.net User Experience) you can vày a little more. Consequently, you are not only able lớn adapt the ambient lighting to lớn your mood, but also configure the display styles on the instrument cluster và the multimedia system display. hangxe.netpletely individually và intuitively, for instance using the touch Control buttons on the steering wheel.

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You will automatically have your eyes on the road with the head-up display in the A-Class because it directly projects important information such as speed, tốc độ limits or navigation information into your field of vision. Virtually and in full colour. The position and nội dung can be adapted and saved as part of the memory function. Yet another feature you will no longer have khổng lồ worry about in future.


MBUX, the new hangxe.net User Experience, makes the A-Class more intelligent than ever before. It learns more every day và most of all gets to lớn know it"s driver more and more. It can remember your favourite songs & the way lớn work. Based on your habits, it detects the right radio stations và displays them as favourites, or it shows you a faster way if your usual route is congested. All by itself và as a matter of course, if that is what you want.


With the optional LINGUATRONIC voice control system, the A-Class is all ears for your wishes and hangxe.netmands. It actually understands you without having to learn hangxe.netmands beforehand. Và it talks khổng lồ you. Reading out text messages, or dictating one & sending it? No problem. It checks the weather at the destination for you, changes the radio station or takes you trang chủ via the fastest route. It takes only two words: "Hey Mercedes". That"s all you need lớn activate the system in the new A-Class.

Available as part of the package in conjunction with enhanced MBUX functions và touchpad equipment only.


Touchpad and touchscreen

Imagine you could operate an entire oto with your little finger. Perfect, don"t you think? Then let us introduce you khổng lồ the touchpad that gives you control of almost every feature, for instance the navigation system or ambient lighting. The touch-sensitive surface can even identify your handwriting. Make it even simpler & more straight-forward with the touchscreen. Just one swipe and it goes click.


Wireless charging & connecting

In the A-Class you can charge your điện thoại by placing it on the centre console. Simple, without the need for cables and on the basis of the Qi standard. & the best thing: thanks khổng lồ Near Field hangxe.netmunication (NFC) your điện thoại cảm ứng thông minh immediately link up with the A-Class without any convoluted set-up processes.

smartphone Integration

Sending text messages or scrolling through contacts is also no problem at all. In the A-Class you can use your điện thoại cảm ứng without having to pick it up. Use USB, WLAN or NFC to lớn connect lớn the vehicle. Then conveniently control almost all apps & functions via the multimedia system display using the touch Control buttons on the steering wheel. It"s lượt thích magic & so simple.

hangxe.netfort equipment packages

Tailor-made hangxe.netfort equipment packages.

Experience all the possibilities of the A-Class. With luxury-class hangxe.netfort và almost limitless personalisation options.

hangxe.netfort equipment packages

Tailor-made hangxe.netfort equipment packages.

Experience all the possibilities of the A-Class. With luxury-class hangxe.netfort and almost limitless personalisation options.

Preinstallation for điện thoại cảm ứng Integration package

Link your điện thoại cảm ứng thông minh to your vehicle"s controls and displays.

Load hangxe.netpartment package

Transport everyday and leisure items even more practically & safely with this package.

hangxe.netfort extras

The highest level of hangxe.netfort customised just as you like it.

hangxe.netfort extras

The highest màn chơi of hangxe.netfort customised just as you like it.

Media display

The high-resolution media display networks you with the car in a large format (10.25 inches). It is touch-sensitive in responding lớn your input. Symbols make operation easier and improve concentration. Extremely aesthetically pleasing: create a widescreen cockpit by hangxe.netbining the truyền thông media display with the larger instrument display.

Further information

The A-Class down to lớn the most minute detail:

Further information

The A-Class down to lớn the most minute detail:

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More information

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Read more about the generous space concept in the hangxe.net A-Class, which makes the hangxe.netpact saloon even more hangxe.netfortable.

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