AEROMOBIL : Cận cảnh ô tô bay triệu đô trong triển lãm nhà giàu Top Marques Monaco 2017

Viknesh VijayenthiranApril 28, 2017Comment Now!

There are a surprising number of companies hoping to deliver the first flying car, & one of the most promising is Slovakia"s AeroMobil which used this month’s 2017 Top Marques Monateo lớn debut a production-ready flying car.

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AeroMobil was only established in 2010 but its founder và lead designer Štefan Klein has been working on the concept of a flying car since the early 1990s. He even developed some of his own prototypes which is why AeroMobil’s first prototype was dubbed version 2.5.

The flying car shown in Monateo is version 4.0 and is said to be the production-ready kiến thiết. In fact, the company has already locked in the specs and is currently taking pre-orders.


AeroMobil flying car

AeroMobil will build just 500 “First Edition” flying cars & will price them somewhere between $1.3 million & $1.63 million each depending on how many orders are placed. The first 25 will be “Founders Edition” models packed with a host of extras.

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AeroMobil’s flying oto is essentially a light aircraft with foldable wings and a rear-mounted propeller powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged flat-4 rated at 300 horsepower. The engine is designed lớn be lighter and more efficient than typical aircraft engines as well as more durable. On the road, the car is powered by an electric motor at the front axle powered by electricity generated by the engine.

Onboard is a roughly 24-gallon fuel tank that holds enough gasoline to lớn provide a claimed on-road range of 435 miles. In the air, you’re looking at a range of 466 miles. Of course, travel time in the air will be much quicker than on the road due khổng lồ a top of 222 mph. On the road the top tốc độ is limited lớn 100 mph.


AeroMobil flying car

Full transformation inkhổng lồ flight mode is said khổng lồ take less than 3.0 minutes.

The cabin is big enough for two và can accommodate a usable load of 529 pounds, which includes the two occupants. For safety, AeroMobil chose a monocoque structure for the cabin as well as a parachute that can bring an airborne vehicle back khổng lồ ground safely should the pilot choose lớn deploy it. Ređiện thoại tư vấn, one of AeroMobil’s prototypes crashed mid-flight in 2015.