Aston Martin celebrated its centenary by returning lớn its sporting roots with the one-off CC100 Speedster Concept car, which made its world debut in May 2013.Created as a stunning celebration of Aston Martin’s century of sports car excellence, CC100 was a concept reflecting the sporting heritage & exceptional design capability woven throughout 100 years of Aston Martin history.

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Inspired by Success

The project was led by Director of design Marek Reichman and Chief Exterior Designer Miles Nurnberger. During the thiết kế process the idea of an iconic speedster concept with nods khổng lồ the Le Mans and Nürburgring-winning cars of 1959 soon emerged.

CC100 draws a direct lineage from DBR1 - a true racing icon & one of the most famous Aston Martins built. As the most successful racing car ever made by Aston Martin, the pinnacle of its success came in 1959 where it won the both the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the 1000km of Nürburgring.
World Leading kiến thiết

Using the latest iteration of Aston Martin’s naturally aspirated V12 engine, CC100 included quality engine mountings to lớn ensure the powerhouse sits low down in the chassis. This specially machined drive-train powered CC100 from rest lớn 62 mph in a little over four seconds, while the vị trí cao nhất speed was limited lớn 180 mph.

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An Unforgettable Debut

Designed & constructed in less than six months, CC100 represents a shining example of the Aston Martin flexibility. Revealed khổng lồ the world at the ADAC Zurich 24 Hours of Nürburgring,alongside it was DBR1, the same oto that completed the 1000km of Nürburgring in 1959, crewed by the same man - Sir Stirling Moss.

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