Audi Prologue : Audi Prologue Avant Gây Choáng Với Mức Tiêu Thụ 1,6 Lít/100 Km

Audi Prologue Avant Concept

A thiết kế with dynamic elegance and the latest high kết thúc technologies: The Audi prologue Avant show car with its stretched roof which the brand is presenting at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show gives a look into the future - with the new & emotion filled kiến thiết language that Audi has initiated with its study in the coupé, the prologue.

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A glance into the future

In November năm trước at the Los Angeles Motorshow, Audi presented the Audi prologue concept car, giving a look to the brand"s future design language. Only four months later, the premium manufacturer is showing a variant of its visionary concept at the Geneva Motor Show. The Audi prologue Avant combines dynamics, form và function in a perfect synthesis. With a length of 5.11 meters (16.8 ft) and a width of 1.97 meters (6.5 ft), the five-door car with its pioneering body concept positions itself clearly in the luxury class. At the same time, it offers unmistakeable sportiness and variability. Giải pháp công nghệ is becoming an experience, both outside and inside: The driver & up to three passengers can enjoy a luxurious interior & are digitally connected thanks to lớn a state‑of‑the‑art infotainment architecture và connect technology.

Architecture and operation are united

The luxurious interior is kept in dark shades. Here as well, the show oto offers a new experience: The straight‑lined architecture forms one whole with its display và control concept. The consistent front of the dashboard is composed of three cảm ứng displays. Moreover, the driver & up khổng lồ three passengers can establish a digital communication via two OLED‑displays made from organic LEDs. The extremely slim, detachable OLED displays in the rear - a spin-off of the Audi tablet from the new Audi q.7 - provide passengers with on-demand information & entertainment.


2015 Audi Prologue Avant Concept

Technology close lớn series production

The Audi prologue Avant uses giải pháp công nghệ which is close to series production. It is equipped with the plug‑in hybrid drive from the Audi quận 7 e‑tron quattro which achieves even higher performance in the show car. 335 kW (455 hp) of system power output đầu ra by the 3.0 TDI engine và the electric motor in combination make the car sprint from 0 khổng lồ 100 km/h (62.1 mph) in 5.1 seconds. The purely electric range is 54 kilometers (33.6 mi). The chassis is equipped with adaptive air suspension & the dynamic all‑wheel‑drive steering system - thus combining comfort, sportiness, handling & stability on a new performance level.

A glance into the future: the Audi prologue Avant

Progressive elegance, high variability và high-end technology with a length of 5.11 meters (16.8 ft): The large five-door oto with its stretched roof continues with the thiết kế language that Audi has initiated with its coupé study, the prologue, giving a look into the future.

"With our show oto for Geneva, we now translate the design language of the Audi prologue into a new, dynamic & stretched form. We are merging it with a concept of high variability", says Board thành viên for Technical Development, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg. "The Audi prologue Avant is progressive, emotion-filled & versatile, it reflects Audi"s technological competence and unique claim perfectly."

The brand with the four rings stands for sportiness, lightweight construction và the permanent all-wheel-drive quattro. The Audi prologue Avant brings progressive giải pháp công nghệ into a new form. The large five-door oto with its stretched roof and extremely flat D-pillars combines power và flowing elegance. Its design reflects the Audi quattro genes.

In the interior, as well, the show oto captivates the driver with innovative solutions - the architecture forms a new whole with its display và control concept. The driver & the passengers are digitally connected with one another. The continuous front of the dashboard consists of three cảm biến displays, a major part of control và communication between the driver and the co-driver as well as passengers in the rear is realized by two OLED‑displays (Organic Light Emitting Diodes).

The Audi prologue Avant uses the plug-in hybrid drive of the Audi q.7 e-tron quattro at a higher development level. The 3.0 TDI engine và the electric motor together output đầu ra 335 kW (455 hp) of system performance và 750 Nm (553.2 lb-ft) of system torque. With this performance, the show car accelerates from 0 to lớn 100 km/h (62.1 mph) in 5.1 seconds. The dynamic all-wheel-drive steering system with which the rear wheels can be inclined by up to five degrees provides good handling & high drive stability.

Audi prologue Avant: the concept

"With the Audi prologue, the prototype meter of our new thiết kế language, we have clearly pointed the way in esthetics. Now we are going one step further by presenting a concept which combines esthetics, dynamics and function in a fascinating way" - this is how Marc Lichte describes the character of the Audi prologue Avant. "The progressive body toàn thân design expresses our technological competence and reveals the values which render our brand unique: sportiness, high-quality, progressiveness."

At a glance, the new show oto can be recognized to be an Audi - with its athletic build, taut surfaces and sharp edges. The Audi prologue Avant picks up on the tradition of the extraordinary design và space concepts, for example, of the proto Avant from 1982, & re-interprets this design. With a length of 5.11 meters (16.8 ft), a wheelbase of 3.04 meters (10.0 ft), a width of 1.97 meters (6.5 ft) and a height of 1.4 meters (4.6 ft), the Audi prologue Avant is a little larger than the two-door coupé Audi prologue. Four individual seats, four doors và a large tailgate round off the concept.

Wide và flat: the front

The Singleframe grille organically integrated into the car body toàn thân dominates the show car"s low front. It is positioned lower and is designed much wider than in current production models. Its cross ribs made from brushed aluminum present a new variant of the e-tron look, providing a closed visual appearance. Towards the sides, they are slightly bent và forked.

The headlamps underline the character of the show car - light-weight, dynamic và elegant. Shaped lượt thích wide, flat wedges, the headlamps are located with their tips above the Singleframe. They present the high-resolution Matrix Laser technology - the latest light innovation by Audi opens up new opportunities in design và technology. The light is decomposed into a high number of tiny pixels, resulting in virtually unlimited distribution possibilities.

The upper & side edges of the characteristic air inlets are accentuated using additional light guides which in combination with daytime driving light give the Audi prologue Avant a new light signature.

Strong flow: the side view

A long front-section & a roof dome falling down early và continuing towards the rear above extremely flat D-pillars - the side view of the show car conveys an athletic effect. Its proportions are balanced off, emphasizing the front và the rear wheel alike - và give an indication of the Audi quattro genes.

The wide, folded-out shoulders above the four wheels are inspired by the "blisters" of the Audi proto quattro dating back to the eighties. However, they were not just added on vị trí cao nhất with separate contours but have been smoothly integrated into the architecture. The shoulders swing smoothly over the wheels. The front shoulder carries on the edge of the engine hood, thus making it appear even longer. The long rear door emphasizes the luxury class character of the show car.

The wheel houses are strongly vaulting out and carry wide wheel mirrors, thus visually reducing the metal volume of the flanks. They surround the mighty 22-inch wheels carrying kích cỡ 285/30 tires. Their five arms with the edged, sharp-angled spokes present a further development of today"s rotor design.

In each and every detail, the 5.11 meter (16.8 ft) long Audi prologue Avant embodies the progressive beauty of Audi technology. The dark blue paintcoat in fusion blue underlines the elegance of the show car in a subtle way. The outside rear-view mirrors are small sculptures made from aluminum, the window channel strips unostentatiously integrate the sensor surfaces towards the door opening. As soon as the driver touches the illuminated surfaces, electric motors will xuất hiện the handle-less doors.

A frame made from polished and matt aluminum surrounds the side windows. The rear fenders of the show oto accommodate the charge socket for electric charging on the left side, the fuel filler flap for diesel fuel on the right side. By the press of a button in the interior, the cover flaps will xuất hiện electrically, retracting into the body.

Dynamic: the rear

The flowing rear moving in strongly on the side is one of the most attractive views of the show car. The flatly arranged D-pillars sweep elegantly into the rear body shoulder which forms the edge of the luggage compartment lid và surrounds the entire rear section. The rear section itself is leaning forward in the direction of travel like a yacht - pushing off the car before it even starts moving.

The rear lamp strip runs across the full width of the car, thus combining the LED rear lamps. They consist of 3 chiều glass which has a sculptural effect. At their bottom end, the rear light draws a wavy contour. Deep inside the lamps lies the brake light - when it becomes active, it appears khổng lồ approach the viewer. The different design levels & the change between two-dimensional và three-dimensional effects give the rear lamps an entirely new dynamic.

As a logical continuation of the side sills, a sporty apron completes the rear section towards the bottom. On either side it integrates flat horizontally split openings with a wedge-shaped cut. The exhaust gas of the TDI engine comes out through the upper ones, the bottom ones with their struts are evocative of the Singleframe grille - this solution symbolizes the e-tron concept of the show car: combustion engine and electric motor in one car.

Elegant experience: the interior

The spacious interior of the Audi prologue Avant has the character of a luxurious lounge. Sinewy taut, calmly flowing lines và slender geometric bodies convey a feeling of expanse, lightness & tranquility. The long center console with its pass-through also appears to hover, as bởi the slender front seats, whose rails are mounted on the tunnel and side sills.

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The instrument panel stretches horizontally from one side khổng lồ the other, thus creating a wide impression in the interior. It lowers itself towards the driver và the co-driver on two levels. The upper level, like a roof, lies over the Audi virtual cockpit future & the wide air vents. It forms part of the wrap‑around encompassing the interior và luggage compartment lượt thích a horizon.

Both rear passengers can enjoy individual seats with a spacious ambience.

All of the interior details demonstrate Audi"s high-quality design và uncompromising claim. A perforated trim panel covers the air vent; it moves down as soon as the air conditioning is set higher. The newly designed flat shift‑by‑wire selector lever for the eight-speed tiptronic is smoothly integrated in the center console.

Three-part display: the instrument panel

The elegant thiết kế architecture of the Audi prologue Avant show oto blends in with a game-changing, new display and control concept enabling digital interaction between the driver & his passengers. Across its full width, the front of the dashboard is designed as a display surface which integrates three touch displays. Massive aluminum frames surround the two driver-faced displays left and right of the steering wheel. The left one serves lớn control the assist functions, the right one is for multimedia management.

The front passenger faces a widescreen display that is integrated into the full surface of the instrument panel; it is used to lớn configure entertainment features individually and conveniently. With a wiping movement, the front passenger can send media nội dung such as music playlists lớn the right driver display or navigation data khổng lồ the Audi virtual cockpit behind the steering wheel.

On the console of the center tunnel, there is another display for text entry, air conditioning và infotainment designed for the driver. It consists primarily of an extremely thin, bendable OLED film (OLED: organic light emitting diodes), & it displays extremely sharp images that are rich in contrast. When inactive, the OLED display is in a flat retracted position; as soon as the vehicle is started, it moves up at an angle. The curved display ensures a constant ergonomic distance to lớn the driver"s hand, his wrist calmly resting on the eight‑speed tiptronic selector lever.

Within the driver"s field of view lies the Audi virtual cockpit future. High-resolution displays and three mirrors generate a virtual visual stage with three levels. In the navigation view, for instance, the first màn chơi presents information that is important for driving; levels two và three generate the depth effect in the cockpit. Thanks lớn this staggered approach, information is structured better và is easier to grasp. According to driving style, content and colors will change in the Audi virtual cockpit future - when driving tempers unleash, for instance, the display changes to sport mode.

Comfort and entertainment in the rear provided by OLED technology

The rear passengers in the Audi prologue Avant use a flexible OLED display integrated in the center console which due to its bendable structure adapts its angle lớn the rear seat backrests" angle of inclination. Using this display, settings such as seat adjustment, climate control, audio/video và ambient values can be controlled in the back of the car. Moreover, passengers can exchange data with the driver. When inactive, the OLED display lies flat in the center console. As soon as rear passengers get into the car, it moves up at an angle. As with the OLED display in the front of the car, the curved display in the rear also ensures a constant và ergonomically ideal distance lớn the passenger"s hand.

When the audio system is active, a sound spoiler moves out of the rear wheelhouse panelings, homogenously distributing music in the interior in high-end quality.

Another infotainment feature are the two Audi tablets - a further development of the Audi tablet in the new Audi Q7. These are mounted khổng lồ the backrests of the front seats - also with OLED technology, & highly slender và slightly curved. The tablets can be unclipped và then be operated outside of the car.

From the moment of getting into the Audi prologue Avant, the driver và the passengers can experience first-class comfort. The "butler" - an innovative, intelligent software program - identifies them based on their smartphones và adjusts the seats & climate control system according lớn their preferences. The system also makes suggestions for music & route planning based on the owner"s preferences. Cell phones can be placed in the two Easy Slot systems integrated in the center tunnel console. There they are linked up with the vehicle infotainment system and inductively charged.

Authentic: materials và colors

Colors and materials in the Audi prologue Avant emphasize the impression of comfort và sporty elegance. The upper instrument panel is colored in lifestyle blue, the bottom instrument panel, the seats and the carpet are designed in elegant sarder brown color.

In the interior, aluminum trim elements showroom powerful visual highlights. The spokes of the steering wheel, the frames of the driver displays, the door inserts & the mountings & switches of the seats are made from that material. On the wrap-around, the doors và the center tunnel console, they create a contrast with the panels out of open-pore, dark ash wood veneer.

Various surfaces such as the seats, dashboard and center tunnel console are upholstered with the very natural Unikat leather. A generously dimensioned strip of Alcantara leather leads the eyes from the door inserts over the armrests back và into the luggage compartment. Artfully designed perforations in the seat center line are evocative of the Singleframe grille bars.

Very close lớn series production: the technology

The plug-in hybrid drive of the Audi prologue Avant is almost identical khổng lồ the powertrain in the Audi q7 e-tron quattro which will be launched in summer 2015. The 3.0 TDI engine installed in the Audi prologue Avant outputs a maximum of 260 kW (353 hp), a powerful electric motor integrated in the eight-speed tiptronic contributes up khổng lồ 100 kW. System đầu ra is 335 kW (455 hp), while system torque is 750 Nm (553.2 lb-ft). The eight‑speed tiptronic directs engine power to lớn the quattro permanent all-wheel drive ensuring superior drive characteristics in any situation.

The show car accelerates from 0 lớn 100 km/h (62.1 mph) in 5.1 seconds. Its vị trí cao nhất speed is limited khổng lồ 250 km/h (155.3 mph). The Audi prologue Avant consumes an average of only 1.6 liters per 100 kilometers (147.0 US mpg) according lớn the NEDC standard for plug-in hybrid vehicles - corresponding to 43 grams of carbon emissions per kilometer. The lithium-ion battery pack in the rear storing 14.1 kWh of energy gives the oto a range of 54 kilometers (33.6 mi) in pure electric drive mode.

With its AWC (Audi wireless charging) công nghệ which Audi is developing for series production, the battery can also be charged inductively. AWC công nghệ provides energy from a floor plate which is connected to the nguồn grid & which can be embedded on or into the asphalt. This plate integrates a primary coil & an inverter (AC/AC converter). When active, this coil induces a magnetic field of alternating current. On the basis of state-of-the-art technology, Audi uses 3.6 kW of power as provided by a wall socket with a maximum of 16 amps of charging current.

Comfort and sport combined: the chassis

The chassis of the Audi prologue Avant is also packed with high-end series production technology. The adaptive air suspension sport - an air suspension system with controlled damping - offers a wide spread between smooth power nguồn transmission và tight handling. Front và rear axles are lightweight five‑arm wishbone constructions. The 20-inch brake disks are made from carbon fiber ceramics.

The dynamic all-wheel-drive steering system resolves the classic conflict between dynamic handling và stability. The system combines a dynamic transmission steering system on the front axle with an additional steering system for the rear wheels where an electric motor actuates two tie rods.

When the driver steers at low to moderate speeds, the rear wheels turn up to lớn five degrees in the opposite direction of the front wheels. This gives the responsiveness of the oto a further boost and reduces its turning circle. At higher speeds, the Audi prologue Avant handles swerving very calmly and with superior reliability: in such a manoeuvre, the rear wheels turn in the same direction as the front wheels.